An innovative platform

Luxury boutiques, Business providers, each has its own dedicated tool

Luxury Boutiques
Business Providers

Luxury Boutiques

An online tool for complete management of your actions with business contributors.

A dedicated platform

A tool for your in-store teams:

  • Management of the lists of business contributors and associated documents
  • Publication of advertisements and events with business contributors
  • Visibility on the passages of current and future tourists
  • Validation of sales and commissions
  • Global dashboards and by business contributors

Business Providers

Une application mobile pour une gestion complète de vos actions
avec les magasins de luxe.

An application is dedicated to

  • Free registration on the app
  • Visualization of luxury house news
  • Information about the commission rates
  • The contact of boutiques
  • Make an appointment in the shops for a VIP treatment
  • Declaration of sales and calculation of commissions
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features and services

Planning visits to the store

• Planning updated in real time between business contributors and luxury stores

• Possibility of planning the periods of visits according to the commission

• Management of the Rooming List (list of tourists) by business introducers and luxury stores

• Real-time update of store visit schedules

Declaration of sales and calculation of commissions

• Entry the purchases by the business introducer or the luxury store

• Obligation of double validation of sales by the business provider and the luxury store

• Automatic edition of the commission invoice for business contributors

• Generating the commission invoice

• Generation of the Urssaf declaration document and the VAT declaration document

• Generation of mandatory information letters

• Generation of the annual summary of commissions paid for tax declaration of business contributors

Compliance check

• Verification of documents and validation of profiles by Luxe for Guide managers

• Restriction of a profile and instant alert to store teams if non-compliance with regulatory requirements is detected

• Scoring of the business contributor according to his profile and his activity (number of passages, sales, etc.)