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Why didn't I receive an email invitation from Luxe for Guide?2021-04-20T14:39:39+02:00

You can check in your spam or contact us on 09 74 76 72 00.

I followed the process to download the APK, but I cannot download the Luxe for Guide Application on my phone. What can I do ?2021-04-20T14:37:27+02:00

Change browser and use for example: Firefox.

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What is the difference between an employed third party and a freelancer?2021-04-20T14:11:06+02:00

• A self-employed person is an independent contractor or a sole proprietor who reports self-employment income. The company is registered in the government authority of your country. Therefore, your business can be able to issue invoice.                       • As a self-employed person in France, the type of company can be: Eurl, Sarl, profession libérale or auto-entrepreneur which is registered in commercial court.

• A third-party employee is hired by a company. Thus, you are not able to issue invoice.

If I am a Self Employed/Freelancer, what should I write for my business name?2021-04-20T14:09:38+02:00

If you don't have a specific name for your company, please use your name.

Should I pay VAT (European Union value-added tax / EU VAT) ?2021-04-20T14:07:28+02:00

• For the business activity is commerce or accommodation in mainland France: According to the French regulation in 2020, it is not necessary to pay VAT if your annual turnover is below 85,800 euros in 2019.

• For the business activity is about providing services or working as a self-employed person/ independent contractor excepting lawyer in mainland France: According to the French regulation in 2020, it is not necessary to pay VAT if your annual turnover is below 34,400 euros in 2019. 

• For the self-employed person/ independent contractor is not subject to VAT. In other words, it is VAT exempt and without intra-community VAT number.

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What is an attestation de fourniture URSSAF ?2021-04-20T12:04:52+02:00

• This is a document issued by URSSAF to affiliate Self-employed / independent contractor.
– Identification of the micro-enterprise
– The certificate of paying the social security contributions in last 6 months

• Attestation de fourniture URSSAF also can be Attestation de vigilance or Attestation fiscal (annual)

How to find attestation de fourniture URSSAF ?2021-04-20T12:01:54+02:00
How long should I renew the documents ?2021-04-20T11:57:26+02:00

For registration on the app, the documents should be issued less than 3 months. However, it does not mean that you need to renew every 3 months. It depends on the documents.

My file is completed, validated and I am compliant

Can I delate the app ?2021-04-20T11:53:50+02:00

• No, this application informs you of the news of the Department Store, the Luxury House, or the boutique. Also, you will be notified to renew the expired documents.

• By this application, you can make appointment with boutique and check your commission in your account.


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