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Develop and secure your International Customers through our Guides’s CRM solution

Luxe for Guide offers a range of services for Department Stores, Luxury Houses, Brands and Shops to develop, manage and secure their relationship with Guides of Tourists.

Luxe for Guide is the first CRM solution with a dedicated and innovative mobile App and web platform. Luxe for Guide provides to its customers a team of experts and an innovative intermediation platform.


Luxe for Guide digital solution for Department stores, Luxury houses, Brands and Shops

Luxe For Guide energizes and secures relations between Department Stores, Luxury Houses – Brands – Shops – and Guides of Tourist.

A quick referencing of the guide, all the necessary documents according to the Guides type integrate in the system with smartphone photos
Dedicated Guide Manager who are handling the guide and controlling their mandatory documents
Management of the renewal of the document requested by the administration
Luxe for Guide organise the audit the of the Guide Managers control

Online Planning updated in real time between Guides and Shops: slots and number of tourists.
Management of the Rooming List by the mobile App

Sales declaration by the Guide of tourist in the mobile App (Sales slip)
Sales value validation workflow between the Guides and the manager of your shop
Generation of the commission invoice or the commission payslip according to the status of the Guide (third employee or independent)
Generating receipts, certificates and required accounting documents (Urssaf, VAT, Fisc)

Presentation of events, news, or promotions of the moment
Possibility of advertising on a qualified Guide basis
Ability to perform e-mailing campaigns on a filtered basis updated daily

Scoring of the guides depending of the document transmitted
Scoring of the guide depending of the business generated


Guide of Tourists: become Premium Partners of the most prestigious Department Stores, Luxury Houses and shops

  • A unique place to deposit the requested administrative documents

    Luxe for Guide propose a unique registration

    Depending on the supporting documents uploaded on the application get an attractive scoring

    With Luxe for Guide you register and record your administrative documents only once and are notified of all the expiration dates

  • Got the latest news and information from Luxury Houses, Department stores and shops

    The application informs you about the new products, events, promotion, sales

  • Reporting tool

    Immediate visibility of the Guide of Tourist fees

    Generation of your sales slips, invoices, certificates, etc.

    Dashboards to monitor your activity

Department Stores, Luxury Houses and shops: Get a Performing dedicated CRM to manage your Guides of Tourists

  • Luxe for Guide provides a tool for validating and managing the Guides of Tourist database for the Department Stores, Luxury Houses and shops

    You have all the necessary means to reference, validate and control your intermediary business

  • Validation of the compliance of the Guides by our Guides Manager

    Necessary administrative documents list and criteria validated with the Department Stores, Luxury Houses and shops

    Validation by our Guides Managers

    Awarding a compliance Scoring by Luxe for Guide for all the Guide of Tourist

    You no longer need resources to control the administrative documents of your Guides of Tourists

  • An animation tool for Guide of Tourist guides and promotion of your brand

    Communicate with specific guides according to their

    Geolocation of Guides

    Shared diary


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